Our world of wildlife is under increasing pressure as more and more habitats are being destroyed for financial, greed or extra human living space which are major factors in the burgeoning 'Mass Extinction of the Species'. This is where FES can help

Everyone in FES is a volunteer. No-one is paid, or ever has been paid, including trustees, the chief executive, managers, advisors or field staff. This was one of the original conditions of the charity which still remains.

Because of this FES relies on all types of people to make the charity function at the highest levels. Instead of having animal extinctions for the present generations' legacy, many prefer to make the valid contributions to help wildlife. FES offers everyone the opportunity to make a difference in the following areas.

So if you have time on your hands; if you are retired; or if you want to explore the world for something different, then FES can offer you new directions and horizons. The charity needs people who wish to make their mark on the world by giving FES their time, effort and skill.

Groups of like-minded people in FES always manage to find common ground. This happens on all of our project work, especially beach cleaning, where people always enjoy themselves.

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Please contact: info@ffes.org.uk