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Do you want to save one of these sensational animals from extinction? If so, sponsor one of our key species and you will be doing exactly that. Moreover It is not expensive to do. You will also feel that you are not a bystander, but are pitching in and making a difference. Most sponsors can then congratulate themselves that they have helped the world to become a better place.

Once one of these beautiful animals has becomes extinct, they disappear for ever. There is no second chance for these species -or for us to help them, as extinction happens only once.

To sponsor a wild animal, click on an image of your choice below for sponsorship details where you will find a form to be completed and sent to us. Otherwise print off the form and post it to the Registered Office. Then a monthly or annual standing order will be set up.

In these two cases all of the pangolin and elephant information is here and can be sponsored at £3.00 per month. Download a form to sponsor a , an and for you to fill in and send.


The Pangolin

This endearing, prehistoric looking animal does no harm to humans or the environment, yet it is still in a lot of trouble. There are eight species of pangolin, four in Asia and four in Africa, and all of them are now endangered species. This is largely because of the Chinese traditional medicine market. In just a few years this once widespread animal will become extinct if we don't act now to save it.

Andy at the UICN

FES believes that the best way is to get into and stop the Chinese market, only then can we close down the 'laws of supply and demand'. Bangkok in the centre of illegal trafficking whose gangs and organised criminal units could be punctured. However this does take time and is very dangerous. We cannot trust this market to self regulate as they are breaking so many international laws to make huge amounts of profit. Because FES works with CITES and other UN groups we can help save these animals in the short and long terms.

We have visited the IUCN headquarters in Glands and UNEP in Geneva and are members of the UK's Partnership for Action Against Wildlife Crime (PAW) who we continue to work with

The African Elephant

The illegal ivory trade pushes the African elephant into becoming an endangered species. Their tusks are their problem because this ivory is worth a lot of money in the lucrative but illegal trade which is going on, despite the best efforts of the local ranchers. This is because the gangs have sophisticated weaponry such as Kalashnikov rifles as well as mobile phones, GPS and the best vans available.

To combat this problem we must act in twofold. One is to arm rangers better and to employ more of them. The other way is to get into the illegal trafficking system and to stop the problem at its source. FES knows only too well that this is very difficult, but maintains that with more people and more skilled effort, it is possible to limit the demand.

The Asian Elephant

The Asian elephant pictured below, is also in danger, although it is only the males which are 'tuskers' as the females don't grow them. Even so, the few male 'tuskers' that survive in Asia in the wild are still targets

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Asian Elephant African Elephant
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Rhino Dolphin Snow Leopard Tiger
Andy Mydellton MA
A member of the
Panel of Experts

FES Promotional Efforts

Andy Mydellton has promoted the causes of these animals at the Houses of Parliament, the EU Parliament, and with the relevant United Nation's organisations. Our work has only just begun as I feel that many animals are staring down the barrel of extinction every day. We can all make a difference!

John Randall

Since the general election John Randall has stepped down from government affairs to enjoy being a private person once again. Even so, he is still a member of FES because of his lifelong and commitment to the environment and wildlife.

Plant a Tree in the Himalayan Rain Forest:

The HIMRAIN Project

Become part of our Himalayan Rain Forest project by sponsoring a tree. Click on the image to take you to the Himrain page

* The sponsorship forms require Adobe Reader or a suitable PDF reader. If for some reason your computer does not allow this, please send us an email telling us the animal you have chosen and use the 'Donate' button to make a payment.

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