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  1. Re-introducing Indigenous Wildlife
  2. Expeditions
  3. Wildlife Gardens
  4. Nestboxes
  5. Monitoring


FES and the Wildlife Zone run their own expeditions and have sometimes combined them with other organisations.

In the past FES and the Wildlife Zone have organised such trips to:

Great Britain;

In Europe;

In the Americas;

In Africa;

In Asia;

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Lundy-Rhodi Bashing for the Lundy Cabbage, Beetle and Weevil
2 / 7
Europe, Transylvania- stork and chick nesting in the village centre
3 / 7
Americas, Caimen about to fight
4 / 7
Asia - Nepal,Preparing for replanting the rainforest.
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Zebra - Kenya Masai Mara © Keith Jackson
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Africa-Gorilla - Animals
7 / 7
Asian-Wolf - Animals


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