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FES and the Wildlife Zone run their own expeditions and sometimes combine them with other organisations.

In the past FES and the Wildlife Zone have organised such trips to:-

Every adventure is different with conservation programmes ranging from monitoring animals, to tree planting and habitat management. However, there are always days allocated when conservationists have been able to go animal watching, canoeing, swimming, architectural walks, sunbathing and many other recreations on their 'time off'.

The Wildlife Zone has published magazine articles about these expeditions and peoples' experiences. Some of these are soon due to be published in an anthology entitled 'The Chronicles of a Conservationist'. They have also published the book Reflections of the Edmund Niles Huyck Preserve about the experience in New York State, when meeting a black bear, seeing bald eagles and other exciting wildlife encounters.

Lundy Island Ponies, roaming free.Giving a wild Jaguar a medical health check before re-release.
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